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  • How You Can Help

    There are many potential ways that you can help CWAV Society with it's work to prevent and help end violence against women in our community.

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  • Programs

    CWAV Society provides a range of programs designed to assist women in their response to physical, emotional or sexualized abuse and/ or violence from a current or past partner, family member or acquaintance.

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  • Be Informed

    CWAV Society believes information is one way individuals, families and communities can address issues of violence in our homes and communities.

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Recent Blog Posts

Homeless Prevention Program also provides the little things

Posted on Sep 18, 2019

The CWAV Society Homeless Prevention Worker likes to help out women and children that come to her for supports, not only does the HPP Worker Pascale DuPont provide much needed crisis and rental funds, but she also helps women with some of the little things that help make moms and...

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Shelter in Need!

Posted on Jul 09, 2019

The Women's Shelter at 2003 University Way is in desperate need of: Sunscreen Hats Insect Repellent Vicks VapoRub Toothbrushes Single blankets

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