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Violence and Abuse in Relationships

Aiko_Yoshido_1.jpgAbuse can take many forms. It is not just having an argument or being in conflict. Abuse is the actions of one person harming, demeaning, controlling, dominating or making use of another person. It can be physical including punching, hitting, kicking, shoving, confining, pinching, using objects as weapons, rape or forcing sexual activity.  Abuse can be emotional, psychological or verbal including yelling, swearing, name calling, manipulating, demeaning, and being critical of a person's body, intelligence or ability. Abuse can be controlling of a person's dress, actions, friendships, daily activities and contacts with family. Extreme jealousy and stalking, frequent checking of a persons whereabouts, unfounded accusations are other examples. Abuse can occur and continue through the children. Financial abuse can include not allowing a person to work or have access to money, or controlling normal spending.

Abuse can feel lonely, isolating, crazy-making, embarrassing and frightening. You might think and have been told you are to blame or caused the problem. You have probably tried ways to manage the problem.

Abuse may not be happening all the time. Abuse is never okay, no one has the right to hurt you. You deserve to feel loved, respected and comfortable in your relationships.

If you want to talk about what is happening in your own situation we are here to listen and help you sort out what your response will be.

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