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Shelter Raising Event

Monday December 17th, 2018 between 10:30pm and 2:30pm @ 2003 University Way, Duncan
Please bring your own cleaning supplies (low-scented products only please).  We will need a couple of sewing machines to sew double sheets in half. Bring any clean double sheets, pillow cases, pillows and blankets that you wish to donate. Please do not bring any rugs or mats for the floors as they are considered tripping and health hazards.
There will be an opportunity to put up pictures, set up cots, clean the outside grounds and set up the kitchen and office. Bring any tools you think will be helpful (hammer, nails, rakes, gloves).
This second day to join in and help is scheduled for December 17th from 10:30am – 2:30pm to finish anything that needs completion.  Thank you to our community for the amazing support we are receiving!
December 17, 2018 from 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm
2003 University Way – beside Wendy’s House
Please contact our office 250 748-7000 if you have any of these items to reduce duplicates

Find completed requests in Green

  1. Warm Housecoats
  2. Slippers with rubber soles
  3. Warm coat (completed)
  4. Warm hats (completed)
  5. Pant- elastic or drawstring waist works well (completed)
  6. Warm Tops (9 warm sweaters)
  7. Underwear (completed)
  8. Socks (completed)
  9. Toothbrushes (Completed)
  10. Towels/Washcloths - 30 of each (completed)
  11. Plates/bowls/utensils – 20 of each (completed)
  12. Washable blankets (completed)
  13. Flat Sheets (completed)
  14. Pillows – 18 to 20 (completed)
  15. Pillowcases – 30 (completed)
  16. Pillow protectors – 18 standard size
  17. Backpacks
  18. First Aid kit (1 needed)
  19. Reflective vests for staff doing outside work (completed)
  20. Large garbage bins (completed)
  21. Vacuum/Broom/dust pan (vacuum completed)
  22. Dry mop - Wet Mop
  23. Washer 
  24. Dryer (complete)
  25. Filing cabinet (completed)
  26. Folding Tables (completed)
  27. Power bars for staff office (completed)
  28. Flashlights for staff
  29. Coffee urn (completed)
  30. 3 to 4 toasters (completed)
  31. 2 tea kettles 
  32. Folding metal chairs
  33. Dish Cloths (completed)
  34. Pot holders (completed)
  35. 2 large slow cookers (completed)
  36. Large garbage bags 75 L (total of 100)
  37. Wire Garbage bag holder
  38. 18 totes/bins with lids - 68 L (completed)
  39. Teas (completed)
  40. Jams 
  41. Large toaster oven (completed)
December 17, 2018 at 12:30pm - 3:30pm
Shelter Raising Event

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