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Identifying Clients Appropriate to Refer to Horizons

Horizons Pre-Employment for women takes self-referrals and we welcome referrals from other agencies in the community. Horizons is right for women,

  • who prefer female centred space to explore employment directions
  • who would like to engage in personal growth and self development
  • who would like to clarify and identify their strengths, capacities and level of confidence
  • who express that they have had challenges in staying connected to the workplace, especially when these challenges are connected to problems with relationships
  • who identify they would like to be supported in a positive environment in their employment explorations
  • who identify a need for counselling¬†

When you are wondering whether Horizons is the appropriate pre-employment program for a woman consider this:

  • 50% of women identify at least one experience of physical or sexual abuse/violence in their lifetime
  • Aboriginal females are twice as likely at females in other populations to have been assaulted.

Females with a history of abuse/violence in their personal relationships may not identify - in fact are unlikely to identify - that barriers to employment, independence or connections to community are related to their past experiences. In exploring the issue, focus on barriers, not trauma and look for these signs that violence might be a barrier:

  • A broken work history or long periods out of the work force
  • A sense of powerlessness over the direction of their own future
  • Uncertainty about their own capacities and strengths
  • Experience challenges within workplace relationships
  • Is uncomfortable or feels unsafe with people who have authority

Open ended question are ways to get the information you might need to support a referral to Horizons Pre-Employment Program for Women. Good questions might include: 

  • Tell me about your work history?
  • What challenges have you had in keeping employed?
  • Have you had personal challenges that have gotten in the way of working?
  • Under what conditions would you be likely to share about your personal experience?

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