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Host a Third Party Fundraiser

CWAV Society likes to be adopted by individuals and groups who want to support us by holding events that raise money for our programs and services. We have been the recipients of generous donations from many successful events hosted by others.

We call these third party fundraisers. A third party event is any event put on by an individual or group that is independent of the CWAV Society in which all or part of the proceeds are donated to the agency.

It takes time and effort to plan and conduct a successful event. CWAV Society wants to work with you so you can achieve the best possible results from those efforts. Our tips on planning successful fundraisers and sample budget can help you plan the event. 

Four Step Test for getting approval for a fundraising activity

CWAV Society only supports and approves fundraising activities that are compatible with the agency’s mandate, philosophy and goals. All fundraising activities are evaluated using the following four step test.

  1. Is the activity in keeping with the policies and mandate of the agency? CWAV Society provides supportive services for women and children from a feminist and anti-violence perspective.
  2. Will the activity instill and/or reinforce the public's and clients' confidence in the agency?
  3. What is the impact of the event? Will it have a good outcome?
  4. In a Cost / Benefit analysis – do the likely proceeds from the event outweigh any CWAV Society resources required to support it? Please note, CWAV Society does not provide any funding or reimbursement for event expenses. It is the responsibility of the event organizers to ensure that provincial gaming regulations are met. For approved events, CWAV Society will advertise and promote the event on our website and through our social media.

CWAV Society shall have input into and must approve all promotional materials promoting the event, including on social media, and any information that will be shared about the agency at the event itself.

Once you decide on an event, complete the event proposal and submit it by email to or mail it to CWAV Society, 246 Evans Street, Duncan, V9L 1P8 or fax it to 250-748-9364. If you would like to discuss the proposal before submitting it, contact Executive Director - Debbie Berg at 250-748-7000, Extension 101. Once the event is approved, the event organizer will need to sign an agreement to the terms of CWAV Society's support for the event.

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