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Men Choose Respect                                   

Men Choose Respect is a program for men who want to change their use of abuse in their intimate partner relationships or in their family. Drawing from the experience and knowledge that the men bring to the conversation, the program assists the men to create safety, respect and caring in their relationships.

Men who participate in the program meet first with a facilitator to assist with building safety and to explore their relationship goals for a present or future relationship. Men must agree to participate, to work on personal goals towards change, and to commit to attend at least 80% of the program. The program includes individual and group sessions and takes about 12 weeks to complete. Men receive a confirmation of enrollment and a certificate of completion when the program is finished.

Men self refer to the program by placing their name and contact information on a voice mailbox 24/7 at 250-748-7000, extension 109. A facilitator will respond by phone to messages within three business days and set up a time for an intake appointment. While a man can be referred to the program, he must call the voice mailbox himself to start the process.

The voice mailbox is 250-748-7000, extension 109

Men can be referred to the program who:

  • Are voluntary or recommended by others who think the program may be of benefit.
  • Have not yet been convicted of a current domestic violence offense and are not participating in a Corrections’ Relationship Violence course mandated by Court.
  • Are willing to participate in the program, acknowledge their own use of abuse and are interested in making changes to improve the quality of their relationships.
  • Are able to commit to a program that meets weekly for approximately 12 weeks.

For more information, please email:

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