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Safer Futures

logo-for-sidebar.jpgThe defining feature of a safe, equitable community is the ability of all of its citizens, regardless of gender, race, age, income, sexuality, language or ability to participate fully and freely in all of its environments.

Safer Futures seeks to promote safer, healthier and more equitable communities for all. We work through research, education and planning and community action to build safer, inclusive communities where everyone is engaged in planning, policy and civic life.

Safer Futures works with people in the Cowichan Valley to create communities that are safe. Safer Futures provides support to the CVRD Community Safety Advisory Commission (CSAC) as an advisory to the CVRD on issues of community safety.

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Safter Futures is supported by a number of different funders, including CVRD, Vancouver Foundation, Status of Women Canada and Ministry of Justice. 

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