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Brentwood College School Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Choose CWAV

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) Students from Brentwood College School in Mill Bay selected Cowichan Women Against Violence (CWAV) Society as their recipient of a $5,000 grant. YPI was founded in 2002 in Toronto and partners with the Toskan-Casale Foundation, the Mirella and Lino Saputo Foundation and the TD Bank. The goal of the initiative is “to strengthen support for local social issues by empowering young people to determine where grant dollars would be best put to use in their own communities.”

CWAV Society was lucky to be selected by three Brentwood teams for their philanthropy projects.  Each of them interviewed CWAV about its services and then did a presentation to their school about the Society. One of the teams won for their presentation, and as a result, CWAV was awarded a $5,000 grant.

The grant will be used for CWAV’s Children Who Witness Abuse program. It is being combined with a $20,000 grant that CWAV will receive in the fall from the Canada Post Community Foundation. The combined $25,000 will allow us to provide an additional 12-hours a week of children’s counselling for a one-year period.

CWAV currently has children waiting as long as nine months to see a counsellor for one-to-one counselling. Even though the additional funding if only for one year, it will allow us to get our wait list down to a few weeks.

Ideally, children who’ve been affected by trauma benefit from the earliest intervention possible. While CWAV provides interim support for children through its Strengthening Families groups, sometimes one-to-one counselling is critical.

Trauma from abuse impacts all aspects of a child’s health, compromises their ability to learn and their sense of safety in the world. Children’s counselling has a profound and measurable impact on a child’s development and their mental and physical health. It can be instrumental in stopping multi-generational cycles of abuse as children learn alternatives to using violence in family relationships.

CWAV is grateful that the YPI students from Brentwood chose to spotlight CWAV Society’s children’s programming and to the YPI funders who invest in the education of young people who, in turn, invest in their local community.

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